Nothing pleases us more than happy customers, and
we work hard to take good care of them.
We can provide personal references on request.

  • Pivotal Education

    The EDU 2.0 feature we like the most is certainly the "individual access time limit". We can personalize the access to the course for every student and it is possible to extend their license very easily. We also love the fact that our customers can check the progress of their students on courses, assignments, attendance and many other and we don't need to provide this info to them!

    The canned messages are also so very useful, you can customize them as you wish and a reminder is sent to the students when their expiry date is approaching. What is excellent about EDU 2.0 is the customer service. Once a thread is posted in the forum, rest assured that you get a prompt, helpful response.

  • Coaching4Clergy

    We have been using EDU 2.0 for a time now and we couldn't be more pleased with it. We find it to be very user friendly and time efficient. We can easily reach out to students and see their progress in courses. Our students love the user interface and the fact that they can have access to materials anytime anywhere. We truly believe that EDU 2.0 is a great LMS!

  • Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service

    Our company is very happy with EDU 2.0 as an eLearning platform. We have many students and staff that rely on its user friendly interface and great audio/visual options. As an administrator, EDU 2.0 is easy to manage and has lots of features that makes online training simple, but besides that the thing we love most of EDU 2.0 is the amazing customer support. We highly recommend it!

  • Vintech Management Services

    Our company has been using EDU 2.0 for almost a year now and we are very pleased with this system. We were in a position where we had to find a new LMS quickly. We researched over twenty different systems and finally choose EDU 2.0 because we found it very easy to work with, user friendly and simple to navigate. When we tried other systems, sometimes it would take hours to just post something, which was very frustrating.

    The support system is very helpful and they truly listen to their customers. When an administrator asks for a feature, they are quick to help you as to how to use it or add that feature to their system. The EDU 2.0 team is very supportive and constantly improving their system.

    If someone is looking for a very affordable learning management system that is easy to use and has many features, we recommend EDU 2.0.

  • Le Cordon Bleu

    EDU 2.0 is an outstanding and modern LMS that we enjoy using, it has so many innovative features like e-commerce and a large variety of assignments to use. There are so many customization options for making your site capture your brand feeling and the customer service is just superb.